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  • The name ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES stands for the spirit of entrepreneurship and employment. It's all about opportunities to succeed in career, job and life. It's a mission to help the mankind, and a vision to become the number one human resource consultants in India & Overseas.
  • Arabia Manpower & Travel Services is registered and Licensed by the Ministry of Overseas External Affairs, Government of India for conducting international recruitment services. At Arabia Manpower & Travel Services we want to understand your goals, your needs and how the inevitable changes of this business are affecting your world. With such an understanding we then match the right talent to deliver successful results.
  • With a very modest beginning in the late 80's to become an organization of present size, having as many as 12 offices, staffed by over 100 dedicated and highly motivated staff and over 20 franchisees in just one year of the introduction of franchise concepts, Arabia Manpower & Travel Services has come a long way. The achievement of Arabia Manpower & Travel Services in the last 10 years has not come smoothly to it. It has been hard and strenuous journey, fighting cut-throat competition and hazardous skepticism from all quarters. But all along Arabia Manpower & Travel Services gathered strength from the oppositions of all sorts and overcame all challenges.
  • ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES is not just manpower, admission consultants or just a recruitment agency. The group's interests are spread across a wide range of activities. ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES has a solid-marketing background. Its expertise and experience in the field of direct marketing have been top-of-the-line.
  • ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES begun its business activities with a direct marketing division in the year 2000. Thereafter, many other divisions were started in the course of time. ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES is one of the leaders in direct marketing since early 96's and field. But in the later years its concentration has been more on admission, manpower consultancy and recruitment, after witnessing the struggle of organizations of service-oriented manpower consultant. ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES went on to become pioneers in providing customized solutions in the field of recruiting.
  • Extensive national and international network - We have vast contact with a solid group of Associates and Partners Offices for each of our areas of expertise. This enables us to provide the appropriate support based on Clients Demands.
  • Now, with the right kind of infrastructure and professionals in place for efficiently executing admission, manpower, recruitment consultancy, the Group has its focus on direct marketing with renewed vigor. The direct marketing division of ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES has become stronger, and it has entered into manufacturing of the products which it markets.
  • ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES is now more than-this. It has made its presence felt in the hospitality industry as well, with an aim to provide affordable food and accommodation facility to jobseekers and working people. Another significant and hugely successful move is Seeker Employment Plus, which has emerged as a trend setting publication, reaching thousands of job seekers and career enthusiasts every week.
  • The emergence of Seeker Employment Plus as a faster growing publication saw a full-fledged DTP and printing unit and advertising wing coming up, which turned out to be a significant diversification of ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES.
  • A common thread runs through all its activities, be it admission, manpower consultancy, recruitments, manpower training, publication, marketing, manufacturing or hospitality. That's nothing but the 'fight against unemployment'. Asserts Mr. Mohammad Saheem – Founder & Chairman and Mr. Mohammad Kaleem- Director & CEO. Of ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES . "Which is why we say ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES is a socio-business organization? ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES has a nice blend of social responsibilities with its business.
  • ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES upholds the greatness of manpower & admission. ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES wants all Indians to find best colleges, jobs and settlement in their motherland. ARABIA MANPOWER & TRAVEL SERVICES wants all the superior brains of our countrymen to work for the betterment of India."
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